Copper Watch File:Aglet

Plumber's Clothes
Type Vanity
Sell 10/20 (set)

The Plumber's Outfit is a set of vanity items introduced in 1.0.4 patch.

The outfit is made up of the Plumber's Hat, the Plumber's Shirt, and the Plumber's Pants. The Plumber's Hat is a rare (1/500) drop from Fire Imps. The Shirt and Pants can be purchased from the Clothier for 25 Gold coins each during a full moon.
File:Terraria - Plumbers Outfit Flower of Fire


  • The Plumbers Outfit is equipped in the Social Slots as they do not provide anything but a change in visual appearance of the character.


  • This set of vanity clothes is reference to the well-known video game character, Mario.

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