Copper Watch

Type Vanity Item

Body Slot


Crafted With

2 Black Lens

Crafting Station

Workbench + Chair

Sells For

20 Silver Coins

Sunglasses are a headgear item that was added in the 1.0.3 patch. As of the 1.0.4 patch, Sunglasses have been changed to a vanity item, and thus can be worn without losing set-bonuses from your armor.

Sunglasses can also change the appearance of the sun by making it appear to be wearing Sunglasses. Only players with Sunglasses on will see the sun with Sunglasses, so if any player equips them in multiplayer, other players without sunglasses will not be affected. The effect will work even if the item is equipped in the social slot. And, If the player is considerally observant, everynow and then the Sunglasses would let off a sparkle, it's unknown why.


File:Sun comparison.png

Sunglasses do not offer any bonus stats to your character. Like Goggles, these do not cover the player's hair, allowing you to hide your helmet to show your hair. Unlike Goggles, however, Sunglasses do not have any armour value. The sunglasses are in a debate whether or not it goes with the Tuxedo. Otherwise, the only reason for these sunglasses is to "Make you look cool!"