Copper Watch The Tuxedo is a Vanity Item that was added to Terraria in update 1.0.4 and consists of two main parts: The Shirt and the Pants.

File:Tuxedo with top hat.png

Both of these items are crafted using 20 Silk and 3 Black Dye at a Loom. Black Dye can be purchased from the Clothier for 1 Gold Coin each.




Vanity Items
Archaeologist's Outfit Archaeologist's Hat Archaeologist's Jacket Archaeologist's Pants
Familiar Clothes Familiar Wig Familiar Shirt Familiar Pants
Hero Outfit Hero's Hat Hero's Shirt Hero's Pants
Ninja Outfit Ninja Hood Ninja Shirt Ninja Pants
Plumber's Outfit Plumber's Hat Plumber's Shirt Plumber's Pants
The Doctor's Outfit The Doctor's Shirt The Doctor's Pants
Tuxedo Top Hat Tuxedo Shirt Tuxedo Pants
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Jungle Rose Mime Mask Red Hat
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